Clips to View – Composer – Films and Videos

Original Music for interactive video

For Netsquad (Lausanne, Switzerland)

A Fool’s Idea  (Episode:  Just Be Yourself!)

For Blight Productions (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

12 Verses in Water

Audio-visual art piece with filmmaker Ajit Anthony Prem (NYC, USA).

Riding in Stride, a documentary film by Rachel Connolly (PremHart Productions, 2005; NYC, USA).  About women, girls and their fascination with horses.  PBS television stations airings nationwide (2005-2008; USA) and screening at the TV Sport and Film Festival (2007; Mumbai, India).  Watch it on Vimeo here.





Carrboro Film Festival, opening and interstitial film.  (2009; North Carolina; USA).  For more info and to watch the video, click for Vimeo here.



Professor Bob’s Brain Stew

Documentary Series Season 1, Episode 1:  Optical Illusions & Perception

For Blight Productions (NYC, NY; USA)

HUMANS ARE WEIRD with Faeble Kievman!  (An Artist’s Journey to Creative Freedom)

A Fool’s Idea documentary series episode (Blight Productions; Los Angeles, California; USA)

For more info and video, click here.