Clips to View – Piano/Keyboard – Jazz, Blues and other non-classical

Sitting in on keyboard with the Blues Excuse at the Otters Bar.  Video courtesy of Anne-Marie Weeden.

(August 2019; Kampala, Uganda)


Sitting in on keyboard with the Henry Katindig jazz ensemble at the Conrad Hotel’s C Lounge. In video with bass player Colby de la Rosa and drummer Laurence.  Videos courtesy of Nino B. Sinco.

(August 2019; Metro Manila, Philippines)


Music Director and Music Arranger for Much Ado About Nonie, the first installment of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Triple Threats Series.  Featuring Nonie Buencamino, TV/Film actor and Musical Theater performer.  Video feature courtesy of Solar Daybreak.

(June 13, 2013; Metro Manila, Philippines)